Wonderful weekend!!

OK, so I have lots of pics to put here!! So many things to catch up<3
Left :
Hair : Lamb *50L friday
Skin : Pink fuel 
Shirt : oyakin *old gift
Tatoo : NuDoLu *come with dress set
Pants : Milk Motion
Shoes : Duh! *subscribe gift there is also a pink version gift in the shop!

Right :
Hair : Lamb *50L friday
Hairband : Epoque *50L friday it's funny and cute, right?
Skin & Tatoo : Dimbula Rose
Necklace : Miel *50L friday
Shirt : Pig *50L friday
Pants : Djinn & Tonic
Shoes : Nardcotix *old hunt gift
I'm wearing lots of so what? items<3
Left :
Hair : kik
Skin : Mother Goose *1L
 Shirt : rbcg *old gift
Jacket : so what? *10L
Pants : so what? *free gift (I love the color!!)
Sandales : Magi take *only 10L a pair!!

Right :
Hair : lamb *50L friday
Skin : ESUGA *group gift
Hairband : DP yumyum *group gift
Shirt : Berries Inc *Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift
Pants : oyakin
Shoes : Duh! *subscribe gift
Tatoo : from my dearest friend Light<3
Awwwwwww Yome Shoujo gift and GATO's new jacket!!!
Left : 
Hair : kik
Skin : Tres Blah *Stumblebum Bridge
Shirt & Pants : Yome shoujo *group gift
Tatoo : Para Designs *Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift
Shoes : Duh!

Right :
Jacket : GATO 
Dress : PIDIDDLE *Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift
Tatoo : The Habitat *Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift
Pants : DeeTaleZ *Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift
Shoes : Duh! *subcribe gift