Cadeau de Noel-3

Cadeau de Noel-3, originally uploaded by Neuilles.

OMG I've got so many gifts for xmas!!!
I'm so happy to have sooooooooo many sprended creations <3

Thank you for all the SL creators for their hard working during 2009. I wish all of you a continuing success in 2010!!

Joyeux Noel!!

Happy Xmas, originally uploaded by Neuilles.

Je vous remercie beaucoup pour visiter mon blog:))
Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee!!!!


DREAMING OF A WHIIIIIIIITE XMAS, originally uploaded by Neuilles.

Thanks for visiting my blog:))
I wish you a merry merry xmas and a happy happy new year!!

Haute Gammne en hiver

For the first time in my life (RL&SL), I bought a CHANEL bag only for 100L!! haha!

There are also many many gifts in the store.

CHANEL chic style!!
hair : clawtooth
bag, glasses : COCO & CO

Hair : 3636


I finally got KUROTSUBAKI's boots <3

COAT : Milk Motion
Skirt : Oyakin
Pants : DIAPOP


Playing @ Clawrooth

I visited Clawtooth during its sale (ended 16th dec) and bought 2 hairs for mode-ish mix style.

I kinda love their DEMOs with moustache:))

Staying warm at home

With my poncho you can get at KUMAMOTO JAPAN WINTER HUNT

Vintage girl

Hair : BOON *not free
Earmuffs : SAIKIN *not free
Fur coat : Milk Motion *not free @ Trilogy
Pants : Madsy
Pumps : Maitreya

Modd G knit jacket

hair : kik *not free

jacket : modd G *not free

sweater : NuDoLu

Winter relax style for taking a walk <3 I bought kik's hair which goes well with any outfit:))


It's been a while since the last posting because I was busy with KUMAMOTO JAPAN'S WINTER HUNT.

I put here the pics I took when I shopped @ Trilogy at their opening.

A cat in winter

cat in winter, originally uploaded by Neuilles.
I walk around to find something interesting!!

The texture of Madsy's pants looks so nice and the fur vest is very confy<3
hood : tyranny designs GP
vest & pants : madsy *not free
boots : kookie *50L friday

white + red winter

white + red winter, originally uploaded by Neuilles.
As Christmas coming soon, I wanna wear a little of bling stuff:))

Head piece : AY.LinE
Hair : JUNWAVE *not free
Eyes : Poetic Colors
Sweater : Vive9 group gift
Dress : A Piece of Candy *subscribo gift
Tights : NuDoLu
Boots : Kookie *50L friday

couverture mainstore

couverture mainstore, originally uploaded by Neuilles.
I found a really funny gift there! There is also a group gift @ couverture's new main store... <3

Me taking a break

vive9_pola, originally uploaded by Neuilles.
Then a pola of me taking a break with today's favorite outfit.

vive9 LB

vive9_LB, originally uploaded by Neuilles.
I finally got Vive9's navy sweater!! I love its line I think very beautiful <3 It goes great with 3636's gorgeous hair :))

Hair : 3636
Sweater : Vive9 LB
Skirt : A Piece of Candy subscribo gift
Tights : NuDoLu
Pumps : TRUTH group gift (I think)

It was my day!!

I got Pinky Gals' gorgeous dress @ LB. I really wanted one so I'm happy to wear it!!!


Dress : Pinky Gals *I'm not wearing the coller here

A Girl in Gray

You can get many gifts @ 3636 <3
I love gray!!!!!

Pink romantic style

Hair : Nouveau Miranda *you can get a fatpack!!
Dress : Ohmai *50L friday
Leggings : NuDoLu

I love Ohmai's pink!!

Blue sweater style

Hat : Kurotsubaki group gift *color change
Sweater + Boots : WhoNose 10L *you can get pink ones if you subscribe to WhoNose
Skirt : Yomeshoujo *not free
Hair : Hair OH *not free

Skirt winter style

Earmufff : Ruru Pino 20L
Hair : JUNWAVE *not free
Sweater : NuDoLu
Skirt : So Many Styles
Boots : Kookie *50L friday

Sweater : Vive9 group gift
Tube top : DARE
Sabot : DP Yumyum group gift

Flats : WhoNose group gift *come with tops and skirt

JUNWAVE new lucky board and so on

JUNWAVE's new LB is very cute. Boyish but not trashy. I will wear it with skirt the next time:)

Earmuff : RuruPino 20L
Sweater : NuDoLu

Earmuff : me made
Jacket : Beetle Bones
Sweater : Vive 9
Pants : MIU group gift *comes with tops
Tights : NuDoLu
Boots : Burt Laundry *unfortunately the shop is already closed...

Blue winter

Since I went to WEEKEND FEVER last week, I wanted to wear blue. I bought a hair there then wore the whole blue stuff in my inventry :))

Hair : Hair OH *weekend fever 50L
Muffler : NINIKO old group gift
Jacket : Decoy
Shirt & Skirt : So Many Styles group gift
Socks : NuDoLu
Sabot : DP Yumyum group gift (blogged before)

Pink winter

Glasses : SPLIT PEA
Jacket : Yomeshoujo *not free
Tunic : Yomeshoujo *not free
Pants : PIDIDDLE *discounted to 50L
Boots : Kookie *50L friday

I was somehow in "I want to buy really cute stuff!!" mode, so I went to shop at my favorite Yomeshoujo:) Then I got this purple pants at PIDIDDLE. I love the color <3

X'mas red

Hair : Roule
Stole : Leezu group gift
Pants : PIDIDDLE *discounted to 50L
Jacket : Yomeshoujo *not free
Shirt : So Many Styles group gift
Boots : Kookie *50L friday

Roule gave us again this cute hair! Go to the mainstore and you can get the fatpack with so many colors!

Winter Bohemian

This sweater is a big hit for me!!! And I bought a beautiful black dress by favorite Yomeshoujo<3

Hair : PIDIDDLE *not free
Bear Purse : mocha LB
Sweater : Leezu *not free
Skirt + Shirt : Yomeshoujo *not free
Boots : Ordinary design

Earrings : The Closet LB

Earrings : Leezu
Shirt : Beauty Avatar Couture
Boots : blogged before


@Drowsy, originally uploaded by Neuilles.

I took a walk in Drousy SIM where you can find Kurotsubaki. I like this SIM because there are lots of animals and beautiful houses!

Vive9, Kik and DP yumyum

Yesterday, I got a LB hair from Kik after waiting like allllllllllll day long:) Normally, I don't wear no-bangs hair but Kik's hairline is so natural and beautiful. I'll buy other color and different length next time!! There is another LB so hopefully, you can get more than one hair:)))
And today, I got these cute sabots from DP yumyum. They are so lovely!! Also you can change colors.
Finally, I entered Vive 9 group:)) I couldn't decide for a longtime but I've been loving their creations... what can I do?

Hair : Kik LB
Sweater : Vive9 group gift
Sabot : DP yumyum group gift

Hair : *Improve L* wakame_Fatpack *I don't know if it's still available or not
Tights : NuDoLu
Then next style, I wore my longtime-favorite hair: WAKAME. It looks great whenever I wear:))

During my shopping

I found so many freebies in DIAPOP, not only this black sweater & pants but jeans, tank, etc. It's so generous, isn't it? Then I got socks from Mischief as a gift. I like their pattens and texture:)) Thank you both of the owners!

Then I think WOT? is my new favorite hair shop. I'm not wearing their hair here but what I got as a subscribe gift and hunt gift (look at the pic @ trapped in 8os hunt) is really original and cool.

Photo booth

Playing with a photo booth:)


50L hair + freebie boots

50L hair + freebie boots, originally uploaded by Neuilles.
Boots : RRS "To Write Love on Her Arms" gift (it might be over now)
Hair : lamb 50L friday

Beautiful sight seeing

I found an apartment which looks like exactly Carrie's in "Sex and The City". Buuuuuuut I forgot again to take a note where I was... grrrrrrrrrrr

Take a look at some beautiful pis anyway :)

NY apt

NY apt

LA walking

resting in a shop


tree house