&Bean and chiepies

Hair : Clawtooth 
Skin & Shoes : &Bean *group gift
Shirt : &Bean *not free
Accessory : Ganked *subscribo gift
Hair & Scarf : Pacadi Jasha *closing sale
Shirt & tights : NuDoLu
Skirt : oyakin *group gift
Babouche : 2g *free
Jeans & Tube tops : Paradisis *limited time cheapie
Hair : Zero Style
Undershirt & Shoes : Runoruno *old hunt gift
Location @ Trilogy

Le soleil sous la lune

Yome Shoujo's new LB is up!!!
Hair : AZABU RIHATSU *free color sample
Skin : Yome Shoujo *LB
Dress : Yome Shoujo *new LB

Une rencontre heureuse

In marimari-san's place (refer the previous post), I met marimari-san and FUGEES-san, the owner of AURORA SHOP<333 I love AURORA SHOP and this nezumi sweater is my all time favorite! And look this hair... beautiful. AURORA SHOP has very cute hairs as well as fantastic outfits. Go check the shop if you have never been there!!
Hair and dress : AURORA SHOP
Bag : Nonko Roman kan *group gift : I can't stop loving this shop's world<3
Tatoo : NuDoLu
Leggings : oyakin *free
Shoes : Picnic *winter choice gift

Let's go to a wonderful place!

Today I went to marimari-san's place that I found in Flickr... it is really an amazing place!! I strongly recommed you to go and relax there. You can also get this beautiful dress and so on<3

This cutie motorcycle is from 2010 Spring "Gacha [+Plus] Gacha. This one is free item but you can get other motorcycles by gacha!!!! Only 30L!!!!! (I'm too excited...)
Other credits : Hair: kik / Boots : PLUTO *group gift

Wonderful weekend!!

OK, so I have lots of pics to put here!! So many things to catch up<3
Left :
Hair : Lamb *50L friday
Skin : Pink fuel 
Shirt : oyakin *old gift
Tatoo : NuDoLu *come with dress set
Pants : Milk Motion
Shoes : Duh! *subscribe gift there is also a pink version gift in the shop!

Right :
Hair : Lamb *50L friday
Hairband : Epoque *50L friday it's funny and cute, right?
Skin & Tatoo : Dimbula Rose
Necklace : Miel *50L friday
Shirt : Pig *50L friday
Pants : Djinn & Tonic
Shoes : Nardcotix *old hunt gift
I'm wearing lots of so what? items<3
Left :
Hair : kik
Skin : Mother Goose *1L
 Shirt : rbcg *old gift
Jacket : so what? *10L
Pants : so what? *free gift (I love the color!!)
Sandales : Magi take *only 10L a pair!!

Right :
Hair : lamb *50L friday
Skin : ESUGA *group gift
Hairband : DP yumyum *group gift
Shirt : Berries Inc *Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift
Pants : oyakin
Shoes : Duh! *subscribe gift
Tatoo : from my dearest friend Light<3
Awwwwwww Yome Shoujo gift and GATO's new jacket!!!
Left : 
Hair : kik
Skin : Tres Blah *Stumblebum Bridge
Shirt & Pants : Yome shoujo *group gift
Tatoo : Para Designs *Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift
Shoes : Duh!

Right :
Jacket : GATO 
Dress : PIDIDDLE *Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift
Tatoo : The Habitat *Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift
Pants : DeeTaleZ *Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift
Shoes : Duh! *subcribe gift

Dressing room and Project themeory

Left to right
Hair : kik *tic tac toe gacha / Shag *Project themeory
Skin : Pink Fuel *Project themeory
Dress : So Many Styles *Dressing room
Tatoo : The Habitat *Project themeory
Shoes : Ruru@pino *gacha

So many shopping projects and I spend too much...:((

Parisienne le jour et le soir

Border tee from C'est la vie!! There are so many colors and soooooooo cute!! I love also the lace beret which you can change the color<3 You can see all the colors of the border tees as well as lace beret at the shop blog

Le jour :
Hair : Maitreya
Skin : &Bean *Group gift
Hat & tee : C'est la vie! * There is also LB (you can get yellow border)
Necklace: Ganked *Group gift
Pants : oyakin
Shoes : tomoto *old gift

Le soir :
Hair : Maitreya
Skin & jacket : Vive9 *free
Shirt : NuDoLu
Pants : oyakin
Shoes : Kookie *50L friday

Rachel Breaker's world

When I got a note card from Rachel Breaker about these shoes' new arrival, I already decided to get one. Rachel has very unique and fantastic world which amazes me every time! So I decided to wear as many her creations as I have in my inventry with these new shoes<3

Hair ribbon & shoes : RachelBreaker *not free
Glasses, purple drink, bunny hat & hammer : RachelBreaker *Group gift or free gift I found in the store
Necklace : Happy Finds *free
Tops & Tatoo : both NuDoLu
Short pants : Surf Co *free in THE LOOK
Skirt : oyakin
Leggings : GATO
Tights : oyakin *old free
Skin : ESUGA *Group gift

GATO new!!

GATO's new items are out!! Full of colors and beautiful lines<333 This set includes so many outfits at very reasonable price!!!

Dress, leggings, jacket and shoes : GATO *there are other items in this set
Hair : Maitreya / Cri Cri
Jeans : oyakin
Hat : Wild O
Necklace & ring : Happy Finds :Group gift
Skin : ESUGA *Group gift

So many news

I've been working on new items for NuDoLu but so many thins are going on in SL so I have no time to rest ;P At first, I went to Tic Tac Toe's opening to get some gifts. There are so many small and really nice stores there such as my favorite kik and amaama. There are also gacha machines so you can get shoes, hairs, drinks and so on!

Then, I got GATO's new group gift which is a pink snake tank. I love its texture and pink color<3

Left to right:

Hair : kik *gacha in Tic Tac Toe (you can get also a free gift) / trico *new release
Skin : ESUGA *new group gift
Pink sweater : Euclid *Tic Tac Toe opening gift
Necklace : Happy Finds *59L this week only!
Pink snake tank : GATO *Group gift
Navy jacket : Milk Motion *50L friday
Short pants : Milk Motion
Socks : Pig *50L friday / PIDDIDLE *old gift
Shoes : amaama *LB

Flowery flowery

I found these cute flower rain boots in GATO<3 They look great with my spring-ish style with a new hat from Wild O (there are new hairs too!). You can change the texture of the hat by touching the buttons on the side.

Hair and hat : Wild O
Skin : ESUGA *group gift
Shirt : NuDoLu
Skirt : oyakin
Tights : DUBOO *old gift
Socks : Mary's closet *old LB
Rain boots : GATO *only 60L!!!!!