So many news

I've been working on new items for NuDoLu but so many thins are going on in SL so I have no time to rest ;P At first, I went to Tic Tac Toe's opening to get some gifts. There are so many small and really nice stores there such as my favorite kik and amaama. There are also gacha machines so you can get shoes, hairs, drinks and so on!

Then, I got GATO's new group gift which is a pink snake tank. I love its texture and pink color<3

Left to right:

Hair : kik *gacha in Tic Tac Toe (you can get also a free gift) / trico *new release
Skin : ESUGA *new group gift
Pink sweater : Euclid *Tic Tac Toe opening gift
Necklace : Happy Finds *59L this week only!
Pink snake tank : GATO *Group gift
Navy jacket : Milk Motion *50L friday
Short pants : Milk Motion
Socks : Pig *50L friday / PIDDIDLE *old gift
Shoes : amaama *LB