I got one of the new arrival skins from Yome Shoujo as well as new LB skin<333

The first one is the LB skin then second one is one of tree new arrivals. It comes with 4 versions of skin!! I always love Yome Shoujo's skin which is unique and beautiful!!

Hair : noju
Dress : Yome Shoujo *Discount items in another place
Necklace : GANKED *subscribo gift

Hawaiian Dress by GATO

Lalu, the owner of GATO shop, liked my post and kindly sent me this beautiful dress! So I went to PLUTO's Cherry Blossom Viewing with this dress<3 You can wear it in casual way as well as girly way. I love it and thank you Lalu<333

Dress : GATO
Hair : Clawtooth: Shaken not birds *Exclusive Stumblebum Pack
Skin : ESUGA *group gift

Hair : AZABU RIHATSU *seems like a new shop. soooooo cute!!!
Glasses : DUBOO *old gift
Necklace : mocha *old hunt gift
Dress : GATO
Jeans : Vive9 *there are freaking many gift bags in the shop!
Sneakers : Lika Ruby *old freebie

Spring Bazaar and +mocha+ new SIM

Today I went to Spring Bazaar to get some stuff<3 All irems are 50L or less. Also, there are hunt eggs to find!!

Hair flower : JETDOLL *sale item
Jeans : GryphonWings *very cheap 17L!
Bird on the hand : rbcg *Spring Bazzar
Photo frame : Sanu *Spring Bazzar

Then, I went to this beautiful place!! It's mocha's new SIM. It's a great place to get relaxed as well as go shopping<3

kik new arrivals 50% off!!

My favorite kik opened a new shop and new arrivals are sold at -50% price!!
The new shop is very cute and there are cheap hairs as well as new opening gift<3

Hair : kik *the left one is the gift
Skin : ESUGA *group gift
Jacket : GATO *previously blogged
Shirt & Pants : Ohmai *old 50L friday
Necklace : Happy Finds *group gift
Socks : Pig *newest 50L friday
Shoes : Ruru@Pino *gacha 39L

Sightseeing with GATO

I found a beautiful SIM named "Dreamy Moon & Pipora Pepora"! I took lots of pics with my recent favorite jacket and clogs by GATO! GATO has so many reasonable but soooooo cute styles and I love to shop there<3

Hair : Maitreya
Skin : ESUGA *Group gift
Shirt : NuDoLu
Jacket : GATO
Necklace : tw. *lucky board
Pants : YFT
Socks : Hair OH *old group gift
Shoes : GATO

tomoto : fleur ete chou

tomoto's new LB dress<3
I'm wearing here with trico's hair and Happy Finds' group gift!

Hair : trico
Dress : tomoto, *new LB (group only)
Necklace and ring : Happy Finds *group gift
Tatoo and skin : Dimbula Rose
Boots : Miel *Melt event

Niboshi @ NIYARI & hoodie @ couverture

I really love NIYARI (there so many cuties for FREE) in Waterland SIM<3

Niboshi : NIYARI *free
Hair : hair oh *Designers United (no longer available)
Parker : couverture in Switch Mall *50L until March 27!!!!
Pants : Milk Motion * not free
Socks : Yome Shoujo *a part of old gift
Boots : amaama *LB
Gamaguchi necklace : NuDoLu

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yome Shoujo

Yome Shoujo finally released new stuff!! There are also new skins in the skin shop and old skins are now sold at a half price!!

The pics here are of the skins that I bought 50% off<3

The new skins are also wonderful. Go check them out!

geeky tourist

geeky tourist, originally uploaded by Neuilles.
Hair : lamb *group gift
Glasses : Reek *50L friday
Dress : NuDoLu
Pants : oyakin
Shoes : Mother Goose *not free but very reasonable!!
Pochette : mocha *I think it was a hunt gift
Camera : RachelBreaker *group gift (I just love it)

Neuilles prend le métro

Neuilles prend le metro, originally uploaded by Neuilles.
Neuilles attend le train dans la station métro George V.

Pinky Gals Love Soul opening gift



Skin : Dimbula Rose
Hair : DP yumyum
Hair accessory : *AA* red packet hunt gift
Shirt under the dress : NuDoLu
Boots : Duh!

New skin shop : Dimbula Rose

Today, I went to check out a very cutie skin shop : Dimbula Rose!

There are so beautiful skin lines including for boys as well as an opening gift! I bought one of those skins with black eyelines. I love it!

I'm wearing it here with blue corsage from tomoto I bought in Clothing fair 2010 and my new free gift shirt :)

Skin : Dimbula Rose
Hair : kik
Blue corsage : tomoto in clothing fair 2010
Shirt : NuDoLu free gift

Style de Fébrier

Left to right:
Hair : lamb / kik (red packet hunt) / wild o / junwave
On the head : surf couture / wild o / glow studio
Glasses : glow studio
Stole : zeerys
Necklace : happy finds *goup gift / tw. *lucky board /nudolu
Shirt : nudolu / nudolu / nudolu / beggars banquet *old group gift
Dress : couverture *the second anniversary sale till 14 march!! (group member only)
Pants : yft
Skirt : u.f.o / so many styles *50L friday
Socks / tights : mary's closet *old lucky board / nudolu / nudolu / aurora shop
Shoes : action / amaama *lucky board / miel *melt event till 21 march!! / kookie *50L friday

So here are the outfits I mostly wore in feb. My rain boots from action and skirt from u.f.o are my very favorite<3