kik's Yukata LB

I got kik's Yukata with gold fish motif on LB as soon as I got there... 
IT WAS MY DAY! Yippy.. :))

kik Yukata
Hair : kik *not free / Yukata : kik LB / Geta shoes : Deviant Girls

Zombie Popcorn Hunt 2

Zombie Popcorn Hunt has started and I got 2 prizes from my favorite shop <3
I don't have much time to go to hunt but it's fun!
Zombie Popcorn Hunt 2
Hair : hair salon cri-cri / Tops : Deviant girls (come also pants and wonderful hat!!)

Green Summer

green summer
Hair : kik / Jacket : fore / Tops & Pants : NuDoLu / Shoes : CLEMATIS *group gift

Today's feature : C'est la vie!

C'est la vie released new knit vests!! There are so many colors and the blue one is sold in discount price (for a limited time... hurry up!) I put more items of C'est la vie here because they are sooooooooo cute!!

All the clothes : C'est la vie
c'est la vie 1
"can't decide which to wear!"
Hair : lamb / Ears : Mynerva / Boots : hoorenbeek

c'est la vie 2
"pretty girls under the sun"
Hair : lamb / Shoes : u.f.o *gacha

c'est la vie 3
"pants style day and night"
Hair : (left) lamb, (right) trico *group gift / Shoes : (left) CheerNo, (right) fabulouly dead

Mother Goose

Lots of skins released from Mother Goose including LB skins and cheap ones!!

Mother Goose news-1

Mother Goose news-2

*style book*

GATO outlet!!!

GATO's Lalu made an outlet shop where you can find lots of cute and beautiful stuff... I spent too much money there... again LOL


Sweater & leopard pants : GATO *outlet shop here
Location : Drowsy

Thanks my friends!!

Hey how are you doing everyone? Sorry it's been a while since I blogged here the last time... my RL life makes me so busy and I was making some new items for my shop!

So while I was away, my lovely friends gave me some gacha items or their own creations... they are just great... so I decided to post about them today!

buddies' gifts

Hair ribbon : fore *20L gacha **Thanks zala!
Hair : fri. day *not free
Skin : Mother Goose *not free
Shirt : Glasnost **Thanks Light! This is beautiful<3
Skirt : Mother Goose *group gift
Boots: Meriken Co. *50L gacha there are 3 different patterns soooo cool! **Thanks zala!