I fould this very unique outfit in YOMESHOUJO when I went to get free gifts:)
I got also a small elephant and BIG elephant sofa (I guess). There are good furniture too! 

TOPS & SKIRT : xxYOMESHOUJOxx *ANTIQ* NOT FREE but really cute**
Hat : +NONKO ITEM Dress Hat+ item camp *What a gorgeous hat!!




Today I went to TEKUTEKU clearance sale and I bought this one:) It's cute but kinda funky at the same time!

A style for a workshop??

Hair : =TEKUTEKU= Sheep(cream color set) NOT FREE but sale!! (9/30~10/7)
Jacket : BENI* -Tweed Jacket&Pants- Olive green (Gift) 1L
Bag : BOUTIQUE by CRAP Bucket Bag 1L
Jeans : Maschienenwerk:: Big  Jeans * I like this boys-like jeans!
Shoes : 50 Flats

Girly styles

TOPS : !Mingo! cute panda shirt * I can't help getting panda goods!
Shoes : A-BOMB: Zebra Pumps LB

Hair : *barberyumyum* NOT FREE
Coat : DCNY FALL 2009 Gift Dollarbie
Shoes : 50 Flats Gift

TOPS : tomoto, camisole tunique astre LB (Group only) is gonna end soon!!
Hair : "*noju* no extension hair -peach LB

My favorite glasses

I found some fantastic glasses whose name is Elton John!!
Also I got a cute necklace at a different shop in the same area :)

Glasses : [CRAP] Elton John Glasses 1L
Necklace : *KCD* Rainbow Necklace & Earrings Set (Freebie)

I got soooooooooo cute boots and a shoulder bag!! I use this bag everyday. Couverture has also beautiful furnitures :)
Hair : Clawtooth by Clawtooth: Sugar Biscuit NOT FREE
Bag : couverture*group gift
Boots : Chihuahua Rainboot 1L

Casual shopping styles

Hat : WILDO!!snake hat girl's!! NOT FREE
Hair : *barberyumyum* NOT FREE but I love it!!!
 Necklace : Ruru@Pino [KU*MA ] LB
HakkaPipe : Ruru@Pino HAKKAPIPE
TOPS : S@BBiA::GroupGift No.4
Skirt : oyakin*Renewal open-group GIFT *How I can't love this?!
Socks : Mary's Closet ;; Kint socks LB
Shoes : *Kookie* Powder Puff ' Spikeys ' NOT FREE

HAIR : anuenue.salon-BoB01*C-Cream Group Gift
TOPS & socks : Canimal - Vintage *There is a free rack
Pants : NINIKO Group Gift
Boots : *ordinary*  Mouton boots (002)

 Headphone :NIYARI # pc set *I love everything in this shop!
Hair : *Improve L* wakame 1L *So cute!!
 TOPS : ::Maschienenwerk:: DOLL*T-Shirt & Longsleeve*
Cardigan : Ohmai : Basics Pocket Cardigan BLANK
Jeans : oyakin**jeans *I use this jeans all the time!
Bag : +++NONKO kinchyaku pokopon+++
Shoes : Babouche/Purple

So cute! Mother Goose's Long T

We can find lots of free and good quality stuff in SL. And my closet has now too many clothes & accessories! So I decided to put my favorite styles down here not to forget what I have. I hope you can share the joy of shopping in SL with me!

I love Mother Goose! They have wonderful skins and cheap clothes:)

TOPS: ::Mother Goose::.  Long T Group gift
Cardigan : NAS:P SHOP  one*pi saxe cardigan FREE
Shoes : Maitreya Group Gift Pumps