The Red Packet Hunt has started!

There have been so many hunts these days. I was kinda so tired of doing one because of luck of time and annoying lag... BUT! I really wanted to go to this hunt because so many of my favorite shops offered the hunt gifts<3 So today I finally finished the hunt (I'm exausted...) and opened all the gifts. Yippy!

I put today My Ugly Dorothy's beautiful skin as a start.


Hair : kik *I bought this one during the hunt...
Hair flower : WildO
Skin : My Ugly Dorothy Red Packet Hunt gift
Shirt : NuDoLu
Red Packet Hunt Start Point : My very very favorite Ohmai 
Good luck everyone!

LG concept "My Queen"

Alexander McQueen was one of the designers that I think have genuine talent. His runway was always exciting. I miss all the creation he made and would make.

Tops : LG Concept - My Queen *subscribo gift
(I'm using a part of the outfit it comes with many other parts)
Hair : lamb
Lashes : glow studio
Pants : Aurora shop
Boots : ANEXX

Happy Finds gift necklace

Lately, Happy Finds has been adding so many new stuff as well as group gifts<3 This necklace is one of those gifts. I love funny accessories like this:))

Hair : WildO not free *I love this hair!!
Necklace : Happy Finds group gift
Shirt : NuDoLu not free

A pic in nocc.

I went to Petit Pas SIM's opening then took a picture in nocc.'s new main shop<3 It was really nice place! The opening gift (subscribo gift) I got was a cutie tulip pot!! I'll go back there to buy some more plants.


50L friday and Valentines Bazaar

I bought shoes from Kookie and 3 bags set from Ty Zvezda @ today's 50L linden. And a fur jacket from Fishy Strawberry which is doing a sale (everything is either 50, 100 or 250L)<3 The skin is what I bought @ Valentine Bazaar (everything is 50l or under) from Pink Fuel. I always wanted to buy one so I'm sooooo happy to get @ 50L!!

Skin : Pink Fuel *Valentines Bazaar til 17 feb
Dress : NuDoLu *not available yet
Fur jacket : Fishy Strawberry
Pants : oyakin
Bag : Ty Zvezda*50L friday
Shoes : Kookie *50L friday

Group gifts, hunt, free and stuff

The other day was totally a hunting day! I really wanted to get oyakin's flower dress for Cupid Heart Hunt<3 Also, my favorite NIYARI is participating in this hunt! She makes very adorable stuff and almost all of them are free!!! I got also many group gifts in the picture. The boots I'm wearing are from Courtisane @ SAH hunt (is it already over?). OMG I love them.

Hair : Surf Co *50L friday
Jacket : Lelutka *group gift
Dress : Ohmai *free, and I love the new mainstore!
Pants : oyakin
Boots :  Courtisane *SAH hunt gift
Hair : Lelutka
Skin : Pink Fuel *Valentines bazaar
Head accessory : Wild O *I always go there when I want a head piece stuff as well as hair<3
Shirt : NuDoLu
Necklace : Happy Finds *group gift
Skirt : oyakin *Cupid heart hunt 
Pants : Encemble *Cupid heart hunt
Giraffe : Stray Pig *group gift

Aurora shop

I love this cute white dress by Aurora shop where I go sometimes to buy dresses. I'm wearing the wide pants not to be too sweet. And the hair is from Hair OH which I wear very often!

Hair : OH *Designers Unites 3
Skin : The Sea hole
Earrings : The Closet *free, I think
Head piece & Dress : Aurora shop

AOHARU solde

I spent too much money there....aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Hair : DP yumyum
Skin : The Sea Hole
Shirt & tights : NuDoLu
Jacket : AOHARU *50L friday
Shoes : Nardcotix *SAH hunt gift

Pants : oyakin
Shirt & tights : NuDoLu
Jacket & boots : AOHARU( Boots is by ANEXX)
Skirt (a part of a dress) : a piece of candy *group gift (I dunno if it's still available)

My Haiti donation style

I wanted to blog this before the donation sale was over but you know I'm slow....

Haiti donation items
Skin : Tacky Star *blogged before
Jacket : AOHARU *50L friday
Bag : DeLa*

other items
Hair : 3636
Shirt : mocha *group gift
Pants : LG Concept Opening Gift *I think this is a subscribo gift
Boots : Miel *50L friday

Do you like cheesecakes?

I went to Cheesecake SIM's oepning day to grab some gifts but there were sooooooo many people so could see nothing >o<

Anyway, I got a gift (The leggings I'm wearing) from my favorite DUBOO and also bought a cheesecake bag<3 There are 2 other designs so check them out!


Then I got a message from tomoto about her new shop opening @ starlust and a free gift<3 The green shoes I'm wearing here. They are so adorable^O^

Winter shopping

Hair : kik
Muffler : Kitsune Couture *I bought it during a sale, so I dunno if it's still out
Coat & Pants : DADA *I LOVE THEM
Shirt & tights : NuDoLu
Sneakers : Lika Ruby *old freebie

Hair : kik
Beret : NuDoLu *but it's just a sample so far
Shirt & Skirt : oyakin *I cannot help myself buying stuff there!
Tights : NuDoLu *will be out soon
Boots : Burt Laundry *store already closed

I really love Oyakin's dress that I bought @ Designers United 3! Then the hair from WOT? goes very well with this outfit<3 Oh! You should go to get a hunting cap @ Keni-ya! It's really well made and the beige color goes well with any style.

Hair : WOT? * hunt gift
Skin : The sea hole *Albero Sweethearts Winter Festival
Hunting cap : Keni-ya *Lucky board 5 min 
Muffler : Tigerclaw *free
Sweater : NuDoLu
Dress : oyakin *Designers United 3
Leggings : Kookie *50L friday before
Boots : ANEXX

Albero Sweethearts Winter Festival

It's been a while since my last post... I have now a lot to show on this blog! Here you go...

First, I went to Albero Sweethearts Winter Festival. I loved that place w/ heart-shaped snow as well as the shops there! I bought The Sea Hole's skin named "winter love". This is one of my favorite skins so far<3


The festival is held til 28 feb. Go check there out!