Flower western

Howdy everyone! I was away from SL for a while due to my busy life in RL + internet problem...

I'm wearing today GATO's new items : Baroque vest and Toile jeans + AURORA's beautiful Vidal Sassoon-ish long hear!!! I love them<3333

Flower western

Hat & Shirt : NuDoLu
Vest & Pants : GATO

i'm participating in a new blog!!

Lalu, the owner of GATO shop kindly invited me to new blog called "The Alternative".
Here is all the bloggers in it:

Lalu Bonetto
Jared Jharls
Fashionboi Landar
Nalii Maggs
Elle Yuheng
Ousuke Karu
Miraiwave Iwish
Neuilles Neuman
Trish Blanco
Wachagona Marioman
Naxos Loon

I'm soooooo excited to explore more of SL fashions and hope to see you there too!! I'm not sure yet if I should keep this blog but I'll let you know when I make my decision:)) So far, I'll blog here and there, depends on how I feel...

Anyway, thanks to visit http://thealternativesl.blogspot.com/ to see what's going on there!!


C'est La Vie! Snow white hunt gift

Period : September 15th, 12AM - September 30th 12AM

Two colors cardis from C'est la Vie!

tora-san white


Enjoy hunting!!

project themeory


This time's theme is '70!!! DUBOO's items are soooooo cute and I couldn't help buy them...
Hair, tatoo and glasses : DUBOO

Others :
Dress : Trashy Girls gift
Socks : Mother Goose
Shoes : hoorenbeek

Group gifts, freebies, LB...

Hair : POSH
Skin : Mother Goose
Bag : AAA Sculpty Creations Animals *freebie
Shoes : [ JP ]:dsg *group gift

Hair : trico
Skin : KAO
Tops : em *item camp
Bag : Atelier AM
Pants : NINIKO
Shoes : DUBOO *group gift

Hair : Nodoka
Jacket : S@BBiA *LB
Tops : NuDoLu

kik's Yukata LB

I got kik's Yukata with gold fish motif on LB as soon as I got there... 
IT WAS MY DAY! Yippy.. :))

kik Yukata
Hair : kik *not free / Yukata : kik LB / Geta shoes : Deviant Girls

Zombie Popcorn Hunt 2

Zombie Popcorn Hunt has started and I got 2 prizes from my favorite shop <3
I don't have much time to go to hunt but it's fun!
Zombie Popcorn Hunt 2
Hair : hair salon cri-cri / Tops : Deviant girls (come also pants and wonderful hat!!)

Green Summer

green summer
Hair : kik / Jacket : fore / Tops & Pants : NuDoLu / Shoes : CLEMATIS *group gift

Today's feature : C'est la vie!

C'est la vie released new knit vests!! There are so many colors and the blue one is sold in discount price (for a limited time... hurry up!) I put more items of C'est la vie here because they are sooooooooo cute!!

All the clothes : C'est la vie
c'est la vie 1
"can't decide which to wear!"
Hair : lamb / Ears : Mynerva / Boots : hoorenbeek

c'est la vie 2
"pretty girls under the sun"
Hair : lamb / Shoes : u.f.o *gacha

c'est la vie 3
"pants style day and night"
Hair : (left) lamb, (right) trico *group gift / Shoes : (left) CheerNo, (right) fabulouly dead

Mother Goose

Lots of skins released from Mother Goose including LB skins and cheap ones!!

Mother Goose news-1

Mother Goose news-2

*style book*

GATO outlet!!!

GATO's Lalu made an outlet shop where you can find lots of cute and beautiful stuff... I spent too much money there... again LOL


Sweater & leopard pants : GATO *outlet shop here
Location : Drowsy

Thanks my friends!!

Hey how are you doing everyone? Sorry it's been a while since I blogged here the last time... my RL life makes me so busy and I was making some new items for my shop!

So while I was away, my lovely friends gave me some gacha items or their own creations... they are just great... so I decided to post about them today!

buddies' gifts

Hair ribbon : fore *20L gacha **Thanks zala!
Hair : fri. day *not free
Skin : Mother Goose *not free
Shirt : Glasnost **Thanks Light! This is beautiful<3
Skirt : Mother Goose *group gift
Boots: Meriken Co. *50L gacha there are 3 different patterns soooo cool! **Thanks zala!

Hair & Shoes

New hair from AURORA SHOP!!!!!!! Awwwww so cute as always<3
Then I bought a pair of sandales from Atelier AM which is gonna be my favorite in this summer as well as Mother Goose's skin ^O^/

Skin : Mother Goose 
Shirt & Tatoo : NuDoLu
Skirt : Mother Goose *group gift comes with many colors!
Necklace : Happy Finds *limited time discount
Shoes : Atelier AM

Tableau summer festival!!

I went to Tableau's summer festival and OMG I wanted to buy alllllllllllll the stuff!! lol
There are cheapies and gifts so I'm sure you gonna have fun there<3
Left :
Hair : Clawtooth
Shirt dress : Fabulously Dead
Shoes : Surf co

Right : 
Hair : Lamb
Shirt : Nylon Outfitters

 Glasses : Lamb

Other stuff :
Skin : Mother Goose
Tatoo : NuDoLu
Jeans pants : oyakin
Fur vest : Awram Vie

Play time!!

Me playing with Rachel Breaker's group gift wearing my favorite GATO's shirt and skirt!!
Binoculars : Rachel Breaker *group gift
Shirt & Skirt : GATO
Hair : POSH

No music, no life

It's summer and I wanna go to many music festivals wearing like this <3

Left : 
Shirt : oyakin
Pants : Collect *FREE
Bandana : DUBOO
Shoes : DUBOO *group gift
Hair : fri.day
Head accessory : Natural
Shirt : NuDoLu

sunday morning

Hair : fri.day *@ burgain!
Head bandana : DUBOO
Necklace : Happy finds *10L soooooo cute!!
Tee and pants : oyakin *T-shit is a group gift
Shoes : Mother Goose

glow at night

Hair : lamb
Head accessory : Natural *10L must buy!!!

day & night

left :
Hair : eha *NEW
Skin : Dimbula Rose
Sunglasses : glow studio *previous dressing room
Head bandana : DUBOO *gacha
Dress : DUBOO *free gift

right :
Hair : trico *old group gift
Skin : GATO *Project Themeory : FAB!!
Necklace : glow studio *previousdressing room
Dress : Happy Finds

Cute skins

Skin : Dimbula Rose *opening gift with eye & lashes
Hair : Kookie 
Outfit : NoDoLu *coming soon
Skin : Dimbula Rose *NEW not free soooooooo beautiful!!!
Skin : Onika *NEW I love the healthy skin color. Great for summer!!!
Hair : Lamb *NEW
Hair flower and ring : AY.Line

skins and so on

I'm having fun with modifying my shape for each skin:D

Hair : Heart Softens
Skin : eternity *group gift
Outfit : JUJU *free and sooooooo cute!!
Pink belt wirh pockets : D-Lab *old weekend fever
 Hair : Posh
Skin : eternity *group gift
Tops & necklace : NuDoLu
Pants : Milk Motion
Hair : Posh
Earrings : Morantique
Tatoo : The Habitat *i think it was a hunt gift...
Tops : NuDoLu *coming soon (i think i will be in June)

tomoto, new open!

I always wonder how they make such a fantastic place!! tomoto, opened their new shop where you can get a free pair of shoes and -50% sale (new arrivals only) until 23rd Mai<3

Dress : tomoto *new -50% 
Shoes : tomoto *new opening gift
Hair : Posh *50L for a limited time
Leaf earrings : Morantique *50L for a limited time

taking a break

Location @ cheap cheap *great furniture shop. i must go back there!
Hair : BOON
Headpiece : noju
Shoes : Euclid&AnA


noju is closing at the end of this month. I'm so sad because she has been making such wonderful creations including stunning new items!! The blue romper below is a thank you gift from the store. You can get also pose set sitting next to this romper. I also bought the hairs & hair accessory that I wanted for a long time. I just want to thank noju for making us really happy with her amazing creations!!
All hairs : noju *left and right hairs were gifts I think
Romper : noju *thank you gift comes with different length of pants and a skirt
Poses : noju *thank you gift
Hairs and hair accessory : noju *not free
Pink romper : NuDoLu

A rainy day

It was a rainy day today:))
Umbrella : DADA *gift but I'm not sure if it's still there 
Hair : Miel *Subscribo gift
Dress : NuDoLu
Leggings : NuDoLu (a part of "A bout de souffle")
Boots : GATO

Onika new open & Leezu gift

Today I got this very nice free skin @ Onika as oepnig gift! It looks really nice and I love this handwriting touch<3 Onika sells her skins at really reasonable price (350L!!!) so go and try them on!!
Skin : Onika *opening gift
Dress : Leezu *subscibo gift : as beautiful as always:)

C'est la vie! & The Deck

New arrivals from C'est la vie! : japanese flower leggings and denim skirt&pants!! There are many colors so go and buy what you like!! Larcocoさんありがとう〜!

Then I love Miel's hair gift for The Deck's 1st anniversary. There are so many gifts there so it might be over by now but I recommend you to go there if you haven't been there yet (with as less prims as possible!).

Hair, diamond in mouth, lilac tee, necklace, leggings at the left : The Deck anniversary gifts
Denim short pants, denim skirt and leggings at the right : C'est la vie! *new arrivals

AURORA SHOP new hair

Nothing to say.... they are sooooooo beautiful... thank you FUGEESさん!
Shirt & leggings : NuDoLu *coming soon 
Rose neck accessory : glow studio *50L friday

Feeling spring on my head

So far this is my favorite headpiece:))
Hair : eha *free new hair shop that sells cuties!
Headpiece : Natural *free but you have to win a game!
Skin : sowelu skin *LB (OMG I love it)
Shirt : NuDoLu *coming soon

lots of styles

Awwwwwwww I have too many pics to put here again... sorry for my slow updating!
Dress (a little modified by me): Free style *1L- pay what you want
Earrings & Necklace : Happy finds *group gift
Hair flower : Split Pea *50L friday
Hair : Clawtooth *50L friday
Skin : My Ugly Dorothy *new LB
Skirt : couverture *Love Soul SIM special 50% off sale till May 13
Shoes : Kookies *50L friday
Hair : Boon  *sale!!
Hat : Natural *free
Necklace : Natural *LB
Dress : Humming *1L blue only
Pumps  : Periquita


skin 1 : Romi Skin *LB or group gift
Romi has just put a new LB skin. I'm gonna put its picture soon here! 
Skin 2 : Yome Shoujo *free gift
There are 2 versions of skins. Really cute!!!
Skin 3 : Mynerva *April limited time -50%
I don't know if it's still available, but Mynerva seems to be like a new shop and there are more skins that make you feel like buying them all:))


Shirt, gloves, pants, white skirt, jeans tops : Awram Vie gift
Jeans with frills : Awram vie LB

&Bean and chiepies

Hair : Clawtooth 
Skin & Shoes : &Bean *group gift
Shirt : &Bean *not free
Accessory : Ganked *subscribo gift
Hair & Scarf : Pacadi Jasha *closing sale
Shirt & tights : NuDoLu
Skirt : oyakin *group gift
Babouche : 2g *free
Jeans & Tube tops : Paradisis *limited time cheapie
Hair : Zero Style
Undershirt & Shoes : Runoruno *old hunt gift
Location @ Trilogy