i'm participating in a new blog!!

Lalu, the owner of GATO shop kindly invited me to new blog called "The Alternative".
Here is all the bloggers in it:

Lalu Bonetto
Jared Jharls
Fashionboi Landar
Nalii Maggs
Elle Yuheng
Ousuke Karu
Miraiwave Iwish
Neuilles Neuman
Trish Blanco
Wachagona Marioman
Naxos Loon

I'm soooooo excited to explore more of SL fashions and hope to see you there too!! I'm not sure yet if I should keep this blog but I'll let you know when I make my decision:)) So far, I'll blog here and there, depends on how I feel...

Anyway, thanks to visit http://thealternativesl.blogspot.com/ to see what's going on there!!