skins and so on

I'm having fun with modifying my shape for each skin:D

Hair : Heart Softens
Skin : eternity *group gift
Outfit : JUJU *free and sooooooo cute!!
Pink belt wirh pockets : D-Lab *old weekend fever
 Hair : Posh
Skin : eternity *group gift
Tops & necklace : NuDoLu
Pants : Milk Motion
Hair : Posh
Earrings : Morantique
Tatoo : The Habitat *i think it was a hunt gift...
Tops : NuDoLu *coming soon (i think i will be in June)

tomoto, new open!

I always wonder how they make such a fantastic place!! tomoto, opened their new shop where you can get a free pair of shoes and -50% sale (new arrivals only) until 23rd Mai<3

Dress : tomoto *new -50% 
Shoes : tomoto *new opening gift
Hair : Posh *50L for a limited time
Leaf earrings : Morantique *50L for a limited time

taking a break

Location @ cheap cheap *great furniture shop. i must go back there!
Hair : BOON
Headpiece : noju
Shoes : Euclid&AnA


noju is closing at the end of this month. I'm so sad because she has been making such wonderful creations including stunning new items!! The blue romper below is a thank you gift from the store. You can get also pose set sitting next to this romper. I also bought the hairs & hair accessory that I wanted for a long time. I just want to thank noju for making us really happy with her amazing creations!!
All hairs : noju *left and right hairs were gifts I think
Romper : noju *thank you gift comes with different length of pants and a skirt
Poses : noju *thank you gift
Hairs and hair accessory : noju *not free
Pink romper : NuDoLu

A rainy day

It was a rainy day today:))
Umbrella : DADA *gift but I'm not sure if it's still there 
Hair : Miel *Subscribo gift
Dress : NuDoLu
Leggings : NuDoLu (a part of "A bout de souffle")
Boots : GATO

Onika new open & Leezu gift

Today I got this very nice free skin @ Onika as oepnig gift! It looks really nice and I love this handwriting touch<3 Onika sells her skins at really reasonable price (350L!!!) so go and try them on!!
Skin : Onika *opening gift
Dress : Leezu *subscibo gift : as beautiful as always:)

C'est la vie! & The Deck

New arrivals from C'est la vie! : japanese flower leggings and denim skirt&pants!! There are many colors so go and buy what you like!! Larcocoさんありがとう〜!

Then I love Miel's hair gift for The Deck's 1st anniversary. There are so many gifts there so it might be over by now but I recommend you to go there if you haven't been there yet (with as less prims as possible!).

Hair, diamond in mouth, lilac tee, necklace, leggings at the left : The Deck anniversary gifts
Denim short pants, denim skirt and leggings at the right : C'est la vie! *new arrivals

AURORA SHOP new hair

Nothing to say.... they are sooooooo beautiful... thank you FUGEESさん!
Shirt & leggings : NuDoLu *coming soon 
Rose neck accessory : glow studio *50L friday

Feeling spring on my head

So far this is my favorite headpiece:))
Hair : eha *free new hair shop that sells cuties!
Headpiece : Natural *free but you have to win a game!
Skin : sowelu skin *LB (OMG I love it)
Shirt : NuDoLu *coming soon

lots of styles

Awwwwwwww I have too many pics to put here again... sorry for my slow updating!
Dress (a little modified by me): Free style *1L- pay what you want
Earrings & Necklace : Happy finds *group gift
Hair flower : Split Pea *50L friday
Hair : Clawtooth *50L friday
Skin : My Ugly Dorothy *new LB
Skirt : couverture *Love Soul SIM special 50% off sale till May 13
Shoes : Kookies *50L friday
Hair : Boon  *sale!!
Hat : Natural *free
Necklace : Natural *LB
Dress : Humming *1L blue only
Pumps  : Periquita


skin 1 : Romi Skin *LB or group gift
Romi has just put a new LB skin. I'm gonna put its picture soon here! 
Skin 2 : Yome Shoujo *free gift
There are 2 versions of skins. Really cute!!!
Skin 3 : Mynerva *April limited time -50%
I don't know if it's still available, but Mynerva seems to be like a new shop and there are more skins that make you feel like buying them all:))


Shirt, gloves, pants, white skirt, jeans tops : Awram Vie gift
Jeans with frills : Awram vie LB