Fish and me

May 5th was children's day in Japan so I'm wearing small "koi nobori" on my head... lol
I love mocha's SIM : Biosphere. So beautiful and you want to take many pics with the animals there :D
kodomo no hi
Shirt and skirt : mocha (shit is from FLF and skirt is group gift) / Hair : BOON / Bandana : DUBOO / Necklace : Happy Finds *group gift / Socks : LaViere *opening gift so I dunno if it's still there / Shoes : tokidoki
And GATO's new skirt!!! I love this baloon-ish shape and texture!! Thank you Lalu <3
Skirt and shirt : GATO (shirt is an old gift) / Jacket : S@BBia *old LB / Hair : BOON / Necklace : Happy Finds *group gift / Shoes and bag : Les petits details