Happening around valentine's day

It's a little to late to talk about Valentine's day... but never too late to talk about what I bought/ found aroud then, isn't it?

I went to Lula's Valentine's day dance event where you can find wonderful items. When I visited, it was a different place to find those items because of a SIM crash but now it seems that all is put in the right place.  Enjoy!

Lula valentine's day dance

Hair : lamb / Skin : Tres Blah
Other items :
Cardi : CLEMATIS *group gift / Dress : Kyoot *subscribe gift / Tights : Djinn & Tonic *old hunt gift / Boots : PBJ *LB

kyoot magika

Then I found this dress at Kyoot. The flexi skirt is so beautiful everytime I walk around^^
Hair : Magika *Subscribe gift / Necklace : glow studio / Dress : Kyoot